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Mustangs Host GCL LaSalle
Lancers In Freshmen /JV
Doubleheader Prelim
To Sunday's Bluegrass-Buckeye
Varsity Matchup
In Coach Bob Rowe's illustrious ten year career he has been known
to pull more than a few rabbits out of his hat.  Down 9 points at
the :46 second mark the Mustangs trailed their GCL opponents by
three possessions and the Lancers appeared to have this one safely
tucked away.  A bucket by Greg Stortz, a pair of free throws by
Brendon Jones and a reciprocal basket by Kyle Kramer and it was
still a seven point game with :26 seconds to play.
Brian Niemeyer then stuck in two free-throws, cutting the Lancer
lead to 40-35, and when Matt Lloyd intercepted a LaSalle pass and
called time-out memories of a long-ago impossible comeback over
St. Henry and more recently a Steve McCarthy led miracle finish
against Newport began to creep into mind.  Bryan Niemeyer cut the
Lancer lead to 40-37 and Brossart had clawed their way into a one
possession ballgame on a 9-4 run at the :16 mark and then made it
more interesting by forcing a five second violation and the
Mustangs had a chance to get the game to OT with a 3-ball.  Brian
Niemeyer put up a shot from the corner which the Stangs
rebounded but failed to convert as Kendall Owens stole a Mustang
pass and then converted one of two shots to take the 41-37 victory
back to the west side.
Mustang JVs Come Up Just Short In
Game Of Momentum Swings
Take Lancers To The Limit
Fall 41-37
Box Score:  Mustangs  Ruberg 0-0-2/2-2, Niemeyer 2-2-7/8-17,
      Ridder 1-0-0/0-2, Kramer 1-0-2/2-4, Hansman 2-0-0/0-4,
      Stortz 4-0-0/0-8

Box Score Lancers:  Bachus 1-0-0/0-2, Wise 1-0-3/8-5,
     Owens 0-0-2/4-2, Jones 2-3-2/2-15, Clemons 2-0-0/0-4
     Schmidt 2-0-2/3-6, Heusmann 1-0-0/0-2, Posey 1-1-0/0-5

      Totals:  Mustangs  10-2-11/14-37     3-2      1-1
                 Lancers:     10-4-9/17-41      4-3
Earlier in the game the Mustangs went on a 10-0 run to open the
game on a pair of Bryan Niemeyer 3's and a bucket each by
Matthew Hansman and Greg Stortz.  Momentum then changed
uniforms and the Lancers outscored out guys 10-2 in the fatal
second period, giving the Lancers a 22-16 advantage at halftime
and the Mustangs would fight an uphill battle until the final minute
of play when the Mustans rallied furiously to just miss.
The Mustangs fall to 3-2 and will host Lexington Catholic on
Wednesday night in another Freshmen-JV doubleheader.
Freshmen Take A Learning
Experience Loss to LaSalle 53-30
Battle to a 20-22 Second Half
Our Freshmen Mustangs proved to be a bit too hospitable to the
visitors from the Greater Cincinnati League falling behind early at
19-6 after one period of play but experiencing some success in
the press-break and high percentage shot departments.  
Unfortunately between the good stuff there was some "shoot
yourself in your foot stuff" as the Lancers converted numberous
Mustangs turnovers into easy baskets which proved their
undoing.  LaSalle continued to pull away in the second period
outscoring the homestanding Mustangs 12-4 to take an
insurmountable 31-10 to the locker room at halftime.  In their
previous game the Lancers opened up a 40-16 lead over the
freshmen St. X Bombers, so this 5-0 club can play the game.
Brossart hung tough in the second half improving in all facets of
the contest and were outscored only 13-10 in the third quarter
against the LaSalle first-string and outscored the Lancers 10-9 in
the fourth quarter after Coach Nick Rubenholf pulled the plug
and dropped back into a 2-3 zone.
Tony Harris did a masterful job for the Lancers on both ends of
the floor, leading all scorers with 19.
The Mustangs placed nine players in the scoring column led by
Tony Woeste and Justin Barth with six points each.      
Box Score:  Mustangs:  Patterson 1-0-0/0-2, Beane 2-0-0/0-4,
  Webb 1-0-0/0-2, TWoeste 3-0-0/0-6, MWoeste 1-0-0/0-2,
  Wolfer 1-0-0/0-2, Weyman 1-0-0/0-2, Barth 3-0-0/0-6,
  Dennis 2-0-0/1-4

Box Score Lancers:  Crawford 2-1-0/0-7, Steele 3-0-2/2-8,
  Eschenbach 1-0-1/1-3, Harris 8-0-3/3-19,
  Neiheisel 1-0-0/0-2, Porter 1-0-0/0-2, Alford 1-0-0/0-2,
  Hartinger 1-0-0/0-2, Kessler 4-0-0/0-8

  Totals Mustangs:  15-0-0/1-30     5-5   1-1
            Lancers:    22-1-6/6-53     5-0
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