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Mustangs Blast Harrison Co
38-13 In Second Half -
Beat Breds 59-38
Advance To MCIT Semis
In the last week our freshmen Mustangs have been accused of
practicing the school motto of "Charity First" to a fault, spotting
recent opponents leads of 18-2 and 9-2 in their last two games in
the first quarter and then rallying from behind to make games of

Last night in the Mason County Fieldhouse the Varsity caught
whatever it is that the Freshmen have and took the same route,
spotting the Harrison County Thorobreds (that's how they spell
it)  8-0 and 12-3 first quarter leads, and then gunning them down
over the course of the next three periods to defeat the Breds
59-38, earning them a berth in the lower bracket of the MCIT
semi-finals where they will face Pendleton County, who survived
Campbell County 71-68 in the early game on Thursday night..

While the Mustangs trailed 25-21 at halftime, they would
respond to an inspirational halftime talk and outscore the Breds
38-18 in the second half.

Mustang big men Nathan Mutsch and Troy Cooper would
combine for 33 points with 17 and 16 respectively, and Jimmy
Uebel and Brad Seiter combined their playmaking with scoring to
put up 19 points between them.  Our defense, which created
turnovers resulting in baskets was largely responsible for our
second half success, as well as improved offensive and
defensive rebouding.

Box Score:  Seiter 1-2-0/0-8,  Rebholz 0-1-0/0-3,
                 Lubbers 1-0-2/2-4, Uebel 2-2-1/2-11,
                 Mutsch 7-0-3/3-17, Cooper 6-0-4/6-16  
Total Mustangs:  17-5-10/13-59     8-2     2-1
Total Breds:        16-1- 3/6  -38     6-6
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