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Freshmen Mustangs Beat Newport
31-26 On Wednesday Night
Fall To Ryle 36-22 On Thursday
The Freshmen Mustangs overcame a physical Newport Wildcats team and multiple-choice officiating in beating the
homestanding Cats 31-26.  Newport entered the game with a 5-3 mark and the most touted 8th grader playing freshmen
basketball in Northern Kentucky in Arkansas Brewer.
The Mustangs sported an 8-4 first quarter lead, the first in awhile, on two Justin Barth field goals that broke open a 4-4 tie
game and the Stangs increased that margain to seven at 12-5 with 2:16 to go in the half which would end with the Stangs on
top 16-11.
Newport would rally to make a game of it, closing to within a point at 19-18 with 2:28 to go in the third period before being
turned back by the Mustangs who led 23-20 after three periods of play.  The Cats would threaten at 23-22 5:44 out and 25-24
at the 4:59 mark before a Joe Webb triple and Tony Woeste free-throw extended the Stangs lead to 29-24 and two Mitch
Patterson late game charity tosses put the Brossart freshmen back in the win column 31-26 for the game, 9-8 on the season,
and 3-1 in the NKAC race.
The hot-handed Arkansas Brewer led the Cats with 13 points.

Box Score:  Patterson 0-0-2/3-2, Webb 1-2-0/1-8, TWoeste 0-0-4/6-4, Wolfer 3-0-1/2-7, Weyman 0-0-1/2-1,
                 Barth 4-0-1/2-9,             

Total Mustangs:   8-2-9/15-31        9-8    3-1
Total Cats:         10-1- 3/6 -26       5-4
Freshmen Mustangs Resilient Against Newport
In Beating Cats 31-26 In NKAC Division II Tilt
Ryle Had A "Go To" Man
And The Mustangs Didn't In
36-22 Home Loss To The Raiders
The storyline of Thursday night's home loss to Ryle is
fairly accurately captured in the words of the headlines.  
Kurt Russell was a man among men for the Raiders
putting up 20 points and serving as an intimidating
presence in the paint as our Mustangs struggled to put
points on the board.  Justin Barth led eight Mustangs
scorers  with 5 points.  
Were Russell to have stayed home in Union last night, I
think the Mustangs would have been extremely
competitive with these Raiders BUT he didn't and the
Mustangs simply had no answer for the Raider bigman
as the Ryle improves to 7-5 on the year.
The Mustangs fell behind 4-10 at the end of the first
period and cut it to 9-13 at the half, but could muster
only four points in the third stanza as Ryle pushed the
lead back out to 23-13 and rarely missed their
free-throws down the stretch magnifying the actual
margain of victory which ended up 36-22.

Box Score:  Patterson 0-0-1/2-1, Kremer 0-1-1/2-4,
       Webb 0-1-0/0-3, TWoeste 1-0-2/2-4,
       Wolfer 1-0-0/3-2, Weyman 1-0-0/0-2,
       Barth 2-0-1/3-5, Dennis 0-0-1/2-1

Total Mustangs:    5-2- 6/14 -22        9-9    3-1
Total Raiders:     13-0-10/16 -36