Split In LexCath Tourney
Lose To Madison Central After Another Slow Start 45-27
Ride Joe Webb's Hot Hand To 48-31 Win Over Bourbon County
The freshmen Mustangs should sleep well tonight, having been up and on the road early enough this morning to drive to
Lexington, dress, warm-up, and play a 9am game in the annual Dave Tramontin Invitational Tournament at Lexington
Catholic High School.
The Stangs drew high-profile Madison Central from Richmond as their first-round opponent and promptly spotted the
Inidans a 17-4 lead in the first period of play.  Then as is their habit, played the Tribe even in the two middle quarters at
14-14, but still trailed by the opening quarter margain of 13 at 31-18.
The Mustangs would lose to the Indians on this morning 45-27 and send Madison Central into a suicide mission against
Scott County, while Brossart would take on a more familiar 10th Region foe in Bourbon County in their second game.

Box Score:  Patterson 1-0-0/0-2, Kremer 2-0-0/0-4, Heil 0-0-1/3-1, Webb 3-0-2/2-8, TWoeste 0-0-2/3-2,
                 Wolfer 3-0-1/1-7, Weyman 1-0-0/0-2

Total Mustangs:  10 -0-7/10 -27             7-8     2-1
Total Indians:      15-1-12/14-45
Joe Webb Lights Up Bourbon County
Leading The Mustangs To A 48-31 Win
By Hitting Seven Threes and Scoring 27 Points
Sets A Pair Of Unkept School Records
Freshmen Mustang Road-Warriors No Match In 9am Event
For Madison Central
To those of us who watch the freshmen practice on a regular basis, it comes as no
surprise to us that Joe Webb was capable of such a performance, and can certainly
be classified as a "pure shooter."
Shooting and hitting 3's at practice on a consistent basis and duplicating that feat in
actual competition is usually a whole different matter, as it has been for Webb
through most of the 2005-06 campaign.
But on this Saturday morning the stars aligned, the Colonels presented Joey with a
zone to shoot over, and the hot-handed sandy haired freshman Mustang delivered on
seven three-point field-goals.  
Combine his efforts from behind the arc with three garden variety two-point goals and Webb was responsible for 27 of the
Mustangs 48 points in the team's 48-31 rout of the Bourbon County Colonels.
Just as formal records are not kept on the JV level or the combined Freshmen/JV levels where Troy Cooper amassed an
amazing 1,078 points through his sophomore year in Freshmen/JV/and Varsity competition, no records are kept on the
freshmen level for most points scored in a game, or most 3-Point Goals in a game.
Troy Cooper had an amazing propensity for scoring high numbers on an extremely consistent basis, but his former coach
Chris Schreiber could not recall a time that Cooper threatened Webb's 27 points in a game mark.  I personally coached or
was associated in a coaching role with 13 Mustang freshmen teams dating back to the early 80's before the institution of
the high school 3-Point goal and know for a fact that none of my charges came close to putting up numbers like that.  I
further know for a fact that no freshman has ever hit seven threes in a twenty-four minute ballgame.  Several players who
may have had a shot at the feat, such as Nathan Seiter or Chris Ryan didn't play freshmen ball.  Nick Moher did play
freshmen ball and was indeed capable but did not record any such scoring efforts as far as I can tell.
Nathan Seiter holds the school varsity record for most 3 point goals in a game, which came in Willie Schlarman's first ever
game as the head coach of the Brossart Mustangs back in December of 1997 when Number 22 hit long range jumpers on
ten occasions in the 32 minute contest while the team put up a composite 81 points that night.  While it is probably
irreverent to compare Nathan Seiter's exploits in varsity competition with Joey Webb's feat in a Saturday morning
Freshmen tournament consolation game, I think it is worthy to note that Webb accomplished hitting seven threes in a
twenty-four minute game and was responsible for 56% of his team's total offensive output in the Bourbon County
freshmen game. I use the Nathan Seiter example for comparison purposes to demonstrate the overall magnitude of Webb's
When we returned to school this afternoon, Coach Bob Rowe asked me what I was doing tonight.  I answered without  
hesitation that I was seriously thinking of calling up Joey Webb and going to one of the gambling boats.

In the ballgame itself the Mustangs again allowed the Bourbon County Colonels a 13-12 first period advantage, but similar
to the Lloyd game, outscored their opponents 13-4 in the second period to establish a 25-17 lead at intermission.  Another
15-6 barrage in the third period put the game on ice and the Mustangs evened their season record at 8-8 with the 48-31 win
over the big school from Paris.

Box Score:  Patterson 1-0-1/2-3, Kremer 2-0-0/0-4, Webb 3-7-0/0-27, TWoeste 2-0-0/2-4, MWoeste 2-0-0/0-4,
                 Weyman 2-0-0/0-4, Barth 1-0-0/0-2

Total Mustangs:  13-7-1/6-48            8-8     2-1
Total Colonels:    14-0-3/7-31