Brossart Family Mourns Passing
Albert Schneider
                                    Brossart High School along with the entire community and the many, many, persons whose lives he touched mourn the
                                      passing of Albert Schneider.  Our sincere condolences to Mary and the entire Schneider Family.

Albert and Mary were fixtures for years during Brossart High School's formative years, working at festivals, serving on the Boosters Club, and
helping out wherever necessary as their children and their children's children passed through our school.  Their lives have been touched by
heartbreak and tragedy more than once, as two of their children Steve and Elaine tragically preceeded them in death.  Steve played Will Parker in his
Senior Class Play, the original Brossart production of "Oklahoma."   He developed cancer that same year and passed away shortly thereafter.  Never
has a senior play gone by from that day to this that a small ad has not appeared in the Play Program remembering Steve and the role he played his
senior year.  A daughter Elaine, who had lived at home with Albert and Mary all of her life recently passed away, leaving a tremendous void in their
lives.   Albert and Mary recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  It was not until after this event had taken place that Albert disclosed
that he had contracted lung cancer,  sparing his family and friends as much grief as possible.

Albert was the consummate patriot, who was affected deeply by the events of 9/11/2001.  He had worked as an over-the-road driver and had made
many deliveries during his career in New York City and to the World Trade Center.  Shortly after the attacks, he and his son Eric made a pilgramige
of sorts to "Ground Zero" to honor our fallen heroes.  A flag always flies proudly in front of the Schneider home, at the corner of Main Street and the
entrance off of Main Street that leads to St. Mary Church.

Albert and I are a lot alike, opinionated and outspoken - not afraid to speak our minds on the issues of the day.  His daddy before him was a politician,
active in the development of rural Campbell County.  Although never an elected official, Albert carried the family political torch and always sought a
better way of doing things in the best interest of his school, church, and community.  Whether you agreed with Albert or not, you had to admire his
passion and conviction for whichever cause or issue that he was promoting on a given day.  Albert always had issues and causes and always believed
that he had the answer - and often did.

In retirement Albert occupied his time by driving school buses on a backup basis.  For several years he was the primary driver for Coach Steve Hart
and the Silver Grove Basketball Team, where he developed a deep affection for the coach and players who comprised the Big Trains and it was through
them that he became a huge advocate of the underdog.

Albert was a doer - a man of action.  He was another who would give you the shirt off of his back, or drop what he was doing to help a friend in need.  I
remember a particular baseball trip to Lexington in which we were desparately in need of a driver.  When I called Albert, he immediately put aside the
chores and demands of his farm and family for a day and agreed to drive the ballclub that weekend.  Never, ever did Albert Schneider accept a dime
for his services, no matter how many hours a trip may have consumed.  Albert still served as a backup driver for the newly aquired Mustangs Bus
Fleet as well and was instrumental in securing our first bus for a pittance that was and is still used to transport our teams until we were able to
purchase our brand new bus.  Albert advised our administration on the type of new bus we would need, the size motor, and the various maintenence
features that would best serve our needs.  He has made a great choice.

It is hard to imagine what life without Al Schneider will be like.  He was always so alive, so vibrant, so visible.   His legacy will live on through his
children Butch, Jan, Rose, and Eric and their children, many who attend or are graduates of Brossart High School.  He will always be remembered by
me as one of the really good guys with whom I have had the privlege of being associated over the years and he will be sadly missed.

Al and Mary are contributing charter members of the Go Mustangs! Support Group.
By Coach Dave Schabell     9-16-03